Friday, May 7, 2010

The sinking ship that is my job is filling with water faster than I thought it would. I was made to sign a paper last week saying that I'd resign from my merchandising position once they found a replacement. Well, my replacement starts next week, which means I get to spend my last two months in MI as a part-timer. My health insurance runs out at the end of the month, and this pay period was my last for earning PTO.

On top of that, I was scheduled 12 whole hours next week. I emailed my boss, telling him that I absolutely cannot live on 12 hours, and reminded him that I can't really find another job on account of the fact that I'm leaving in two months (several friends/family members have since informed me that I shouldn't have let them know when I was leaving. I realize that now, but it's a little too late). To my surprise, he's actually trying to help me out; he called today and offered me a Sunday shift. I'm still going to have to roll up and cash in all the change I've been saving, but at least maybe I won't have to move back to my parents for my last couple months in MI.

Speaking of which, my unofficial move date is July 10.

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