Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, I suppose today's highlight was the free pizza dinner I got as a staff member for the UB Post. It was our end-of-semester celebration; pretty low-key but nice because I got to meet some of the other production members for the first time (including the editor-in-chief, who organized it for us. I was hired by the production manager just before the last issue was put out so I didn't see much of everyone else).

I went to the shelter today for the first time as a full-fledged volunteer, too. I only got to spend about an hour and a half there, because I got a late start, but hopefully I brightened up a few kitties' days with some pets. I felt kind of bad because there was one that I took to another room to play with, and he was too scared to come out of his carrier. I still pet him too though. I hope he liked it at least a little better than being left alone.

I feel like I should go back a couple days too and write some highlights, mostly because I want to write about Wednesday. I went to the library that afternoon and posted some pics of 100 Elvises weekend on facebook; while I was doing so, fb must have published some to the newsfeed (even though I told it not to -- probably because I'd tagged myself in some of them) and a friend/former roommate whom I haven't talked to in a bit IMed me and we talked for awhile. He started by telling me how I looked pretty in my red dress (in the new pics). I thought it was sweet of him.

Also, that night was the last class session for my poetry class, so we had a sort of celebration at school, then a fairly large group of my classmates (myself included) went to a bar/restaurant just down the street afterward. I think it was one of the most fun nights I've had since being in Baltimore. A lot of my classmates are really cool and fun to talk to. And I got to know several of them a little better that night (thanks in part to liquid courage, haha).

Thursday yielded a few highlights as well; after work Maureen and I went to the MICA art market (I only bought one print, but it was fun to look at everything) then to an art supply store that I hadn't been to previously but is my new favorite, I think. I got some Mod Podge, a new sketch book and a roll of contact paper, which I've been wanting for awhile (and which is now apparently called "Protecto Film"). Afterward we shared a pizza from Joe Squared. I guess I just really love pizza.

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