Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few highlights from my 1.5 weeks back in Baltimore:

I spent my birthday (the 20th) in Washington D.C. with my roommate, trying Ethiopian food then visiting part of the Smithsonian. Also had an amazing carrot cupcake from a place called "Red Velvet."

Went to my first house party here, in honor of a friend from class; had a good time and met a few cool people. Also got to know a couple of my classmates better.

Experienced my first Baltimore blizzard. Made a snowman.

Was told by my boss at the library that I'm not allowed to graduate ever because she likes the work I do and doesn't want me to leave. Also, I'm getting a raise.

Got a writing/art table for my room. It fits into its designated space perfectly. I have used it for its intended purpose.

Hung out with my friend Jon whom I haven't seen in weeks. Had a Manhattan (the drink) for the first time.

Got out my keyboard (the musical variety) to try and learn a song by ear. Discovered that the time I spent last summer learning and practicing scales was actually beneficial. It's a pretty good incentive to keep practicing. Now I kind of wish I had a real piano with a full set of keys.

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