Thursday, February 24, 2011

I was going to give a lengthy update here but I think I'd rather read my book instead.

My computer has been infuriatingly slow lately, which I'm going to say is part of the reason I haven't been on here much. Also, my roomie and I share one modem, as we have yet to get a router. I have to give her a turn with the internet sometimes I guess, especially when she insists she needs it for homework. :P

I've been going through a bit of an existential crisis lately (though "crisis" might be a bit too strong of a word). It's resulted in sort of an isolation period for me (does my horoscope say anything about this?) with strange cravings for companionship appearing sporadically. Among other things, I've been re-evaluating my writing style, as well as why/how/when I write, and I feel kind of like I'm approaching a breakthrough in... something. I'll have to get back to you on that.

I've also been having a very hard time in regards to my long-distance relationship -- this is, I believe, the longest Jake and I have gone without seeing each other since being back together. I left Saginaw on January 19 and he's coming here March 3. Only six days to go and I'd almost gladly sleep away those six days so that he'd be here already. Then of course I feel guilty for wishing my life away. Some of this unrest has been alleviated by the novelty of Skype, which we just tried for the first time on Tuesday. A camera is still a poor substitute for physical presence, but at least it adds another dimension to the phone call.

The whole thing has caused me to re-evaluate my position though. I've come to the point where Baltimore does feel (mostly) like home, and despite the alarming amount of debt I've amassed in two semesters, I don't regret coming at all. Yet I can't help but give some consideration to a hiatus. In all reality, I think the worst is about over for this year -- Jake will be here for about a week and a half, then my own spring break will follow in the second half of March. Then his semester will end in the beginning of May and mine two weeks after that.

But we've still got two more years to go.

Let's not think that far ahead. For now, winter is almost over, which is certainly something to be glad about.

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