Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A few updates:

1) We finally got a router for our apartment a few weeks ago, which means I can no longer realistically use this as an excuse for not updating.

2) Vegas was awesome, and exhausting. I took over 400 pictures, some of which are on facebook. My roommate, my mother and I were there for about six days, during which time we wandered up and down the strip, through as many hotels and casinos as we could handle before becoming overstimulated, attended a weekend rockabilly festival, and spent time with my brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews (one of whom I met for the first time -- he's eight months old). Also, ate way more Sbarro's in a week's time than I ever care to repeat, because it was the cheapest meal option.

Jake was supposed to accompany us to Vegas, but then realized that the trip overlapped his exam week. So he came to Baltimore the week after instead. I, unfortunately, spent a large part of his visit working on my final portfolios. I spent the remainder of it feeling too burnt out to be worthwhile company (or so it seemed to me), but he assured me that it was fine and that he'd known I was going to be busy. He's pretty good at entertaining himself, via computer or book. We did get to D.C. for a day (coincidentally, we'd planned the trip for the day Bin Laden was killed, but we didn't partake in any sort of... celebrating). We did some research for my dad at the Smithsonian, had dinner, and visited the Lincoln, FDR, and Jefferson memorials. FDR's was quite lovely -- a landscaped series of stone work and waterfalls. Very peaceful (despite the large group of children wandering through on field trip).

And I turned in the last of two portfolios one week ago today, which means I have absolutely nothing to do (besides part-time work at the library). I'm already feeling aimless. Going to have to come up with some kind of summer project.

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