Monday, September 12, 2011

Why, facebook, why?

I haven't shared this blog with any of my friends on facebook yet (or anywhere else, for that matter) because they would get tired of checking day after day (as if I would be so fortunate) to find that I've failed to update. Or maybe knowing that they check would motivate me to post. That might be an idea worth entertaining.

But I'm here today for a break from facebook. Lately I've realized that my facebook newsfeed has become tiresome; this was even before all of the trite, I'm-posting-to-be-part-of-the-community-and-to-prove-I-care Sept 11 updates. The reason is just that: it's all talk. People "raise awareness" with bullshit double-entendre "this is where I keep my purse but it sounds like where I have sex" posts, rant and rave about perceived injustices that they will never actually do anything about, and repeatedly bombard the web with their various beliefs-du-jour (or lack thereof). Don't tell me how I'm only a true friend if I repost your autism awareness blurb. I know autism exists, and I agree that it's unfortunate. Spamming my (equally as informed) friends' walls isn't going to change the situation. Go donate money to a charity or volunteer in a classroom, then talk to me about that. WITH YOUR OWN WORDS. Not someone else's that you took 6.4 seconds to copy and paste.

Proud of/thankful for our troups? Send them something. Even if it's just a note. It's lonely and dangerous over there.

In my own newsfeed, I would rather hear about the (mundane) goings-on of people's lives. I'm not opposed to using facebook as a medium for discussion. In fact, I think it's great for that -- when people are willing to actually discuss things instead of attacking each other from behind the safety of their I-Pad (which still happens, sadly). I'm also all for the posting of news stories you find interesting. Most of my friends/family members are in another state at least 11 hours away from me (honestly though, how many of you do I get to regularly interact with even when we are in the same geographic location?) Yes, post ridiculous pictures of your cat! Talk about the movie you saw and hated. Tell me how running out of Cheerios (or new episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has ruined your life. Heck, I would rather read a "just did one load of laundry and putting another load in now LOL" post than a "copy and paste this to your newsfeed if" post because it's actually about YOU.

Isn't that the point of facebook, after all?

Don't talk about the weather though. Especially if it's doing something "crazy" (rain? snow? whoa!) out there. Because chances are, 56 other people in your neighborhood are signing on to facebook RIGHT NOW to post the same thing, and they're on my newsfeed too. If the only answer to "what's on your mind?" that you can come up with is "wow, a thunderstorm!" then please just BACK AWAY FROM THE TEXTING DEVICE.

I also hate song lyrics as status updates (exception: when the song/video is also posted). But I'll choose my battles wisely.

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