Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello, World

My schedule is pure insanity lately. I work three jobs and run the campus newspaper, all of which I enjoy (when everything's going right). I'm discovering a knack for organizing people; now if they would just do what I say, everything would be great. Living in such a fast-paced, communication-intensive world makes me even more frustrated when people don't stay on the ball... I think I'm going to have to slow down just because no one else can seem to keep up with me. Plus all this switching gears is starting to mess with my head.

Anyway, if you're so inclined, I'm keeping a blog for a class I'm taking this semester, which by assignment must be updated at least once a week. It's here. I'm also taking a fiction workshop this semester which I love but which has also caused some self-doubt on the whole "I'm a Writer" front. My first story was generally well-received and I got a lot of good feedback, but I sort of feel like fixing the problems in the story is beyond my ability. The real problem is just that I need to practice more, and it's a challenge I'm going to attempt, as soon as I find the time... I have the next two days off, finally, but at least one of them will probably be spent cleaning the apartment, because while my roommates seem to have infinte tolerance for filth, I can't really stand it.

Plus there are flies. Like five of them. I don't know where they came from but they've started hanging out in the bathroom over the last day or two. THEY MUST GO. (I'd say "DIE," but stupid as it is, I'd rather chase them out the window than kill them, regardless of how annoying they are. Though I realize they may not cooperate.) How long is a friggin' fly's life span, anyway?

Google says 15-30 days.

So anyway, that's my life currently.

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  1. don't get discouraged about the writing. You are great with words. Just keep writing and it will all flow together. I don't know about the flies but I am with you about the killing of them even though I HATE them. I know hate is a strong word but it definitely fits when it comes to them. I have reason. I will tell you about it if I haven't already. I love you sweet granddaughter.