Monday, July 21, 2014

Update on the In-Between

The summer is sailing by and it feels a little odd not to be mentally preparing for classes in the fall, but I suppose it's the good kind of odd.

My TEFL seminar has come and gone, and I now have a 60-hour TEFL/TESOL certification. I have an online portion to complete but the most intense part is over. After the first weekend of class (which went from 9-6 both Saturday and Sunday) I was totally exhausted, but I seemed to build up a bit of a tolerance for the second and thirdweekends. My lesson plan on present perfect tense went over surprisingly well (part of the course included an hour-long practicum, half of which we presented to the class) and I feel like I could teach if I found the right group of students (university level or adult, probably).

I'm now a little over halfway into my Ireland trip with Armagh Project 2014 (a separate post about that coming soon) and it's starting to dawn on me that I'll have to face the "real world" again soon. Though the good news is, Jake has bought his airline ticket to join me on August 3 for an additional week of travel; with that added on I've actually still got 3 weeks until real-world re-immersion. There have been weekend trips to Belfast, Dublin, and the Antrim Coast, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the last free weekend of the program. I've also written a 10-minute play, a poem, and part of a story. Not as prolific as I was hoping to be, but it's not too late...

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