Monday, May 16, 2016

l'heure bleue

I love, love, love the concept of the blue hour... I discovered it a couple years ago thanks to a poetry collection, but even before I knew it was a thing, I've always felt that dusk especially has an energy about it, a feeling of potential, of possibilities -- it's such a relatively brief transition between day and night, but so much can happen during that change... the same thing happens as dawn breaks, but I'm so rarely awake to experience it. These paintings are by an artist I found named Evgeny Lushpin. He has some others that are absolutely incredible. Now that the semester is over -- and as happens to me so often in the spring -- I don't have any words left to write, so I'm turning to painting again. I want to explore this concept more in my own art.

I've been dealing with some loneliness and some depression that I haven't really wanted to admit, to myself or to others. Some of it feels like unrealized potential, some of it feels like just a general weariness of being in the world. I'm trying to look for meaningful moments instead of distractions, but the distractions are so much easier to find. Painting is one thing that makes me come back to the moment, and I don't have to articulate my feelings in words -- just colors.

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  1. I love these paintings. Ive never heard of this artist but fantastic. Dusk is my absolute favorite time of day.