Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things have looked up significantly since my last post. Snapped mostly out of whatever "funk" I was in, so to speak. My work schedule is less hectic, and I finally got paid for all those hours. I also got some good news which cheered me. The first being that they chose me for one of the three scholarships, which I learned yesterday morning when I checked my email (a good start to my day) and then today I was informed that a friend of mine who also applied to the UB MFA program and got accepted, has decided after all to attend. So now I will know someone out there in Baltimore; he and his wife will be moving too. I kind of wonder if the people in the program realized how similar our applications were. He and I both went to SVSU and were involved with Cardinal Sins (though he was editor for a semester; I only ever worked on staff) and he works at the press I intern for.

Nonetheless, I have to let that sink in: I'm one of three scholarship recipients for an MFA program in creative writing and publishing, based in part on a portfolio of poetry that I wrote. I guess this counts as validation as a writer (slash publisher).

And the weather yesterday and today was basically as perfect as could be and I got to spend time in it. Went clothes shopping yesterday; had a mudslide and finished a good book today, then took a walk around the neighborhood and had a late lunch with a new friend. Hopefully inventory tonight at work (7pm-3am) doesn't put a damper on my otherwise-good day (anymore than would be expected, anyway, since it is work). Tomorrow's a day off and I've got a couple easy shifts for the weekend before another day off Monday. Good stuff.

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