Sunday, November 14, 2010

I don't much have the heart for thinking of a daily highlight right now, but I guess that's all the more reason to come up with one.

This weekend was a pretty good one, spent in the company of good people. There was just some family drama going on behind the scenes that's been getting to me a little. I really can't stand it when people aren't fully honest and won't say what they mean and what's really going on. Just lay it all out on the table and stop nitpicking with details. My brother and especially his wife are making waves with one half of the family and as much as I don't care to be part of it, I'm trying to remain the neutral center. I'm learning that this is impossible. Maybe I'm trying too hard to be the mediator. The two sides just seem to be on different wavelengths though, and I almost feel like I need to be the interpreter. You'd think after seven years this would be over.

But back to my highlight. I guess today's highlight was, coming home from lunch with my friend Jon and one of his friends, when I decided to stop into a thrift store I've never been to. It turned out to be amazing, and full of fantastic dresses and other finds (most of which weren't terribly priced). I texted Maureen about it and she joined me there, where we browsed the dresses (me for the second time) and I showed her what I'd found. I ended up spending more than I should have, but I got two new dresses, one of which was only $5 (but has a strap I need to repair) and a pair of fingerless winter gloves. I put two more dresses on hold, which I really shouldn't go back for, especially since none of the dresses (including what I bought today) is quite what I wanted for The Night of 100 Elvises, but... I've had a thing for dresses lately, and now that I'm here in Baltimore I have events to wear them to (thanks largely to Maureen and her affinity for finding fun events to go to, especially rockabilly-related).

So, today's highlight: new dresses. The weekend's highlight: all the cool people I spent it with.

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