Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's highlight was probably unexpectedly finding a check in the mail from the University for $2500. I mean, it was completely baffling. It is the exact amount of half my scholarship for the year, but if it is for spring, it shouldn't have come until February.

Maybe that's not that much of a highlight after all, because now I won't get that money in Feb. and I can't spend it now anyway.

So maybe the highlight was the banter back and forth over the headsets during rehearsal for Laramie Project tonight. I'm assistant stage manager, so I'm back stage next to the video tech guy, Anthony, who's also on a headset. My friend Dave, who's running lights in the booth at the back of the auditorium, on a third headset. I can't really recall the details of the conversation here, much less replicate it enough to make it humorous, but it was pretty difficult to stifle my laughing enough to not be heard offstage. Something tasteless involving a strange correlation between lesbians and umbrellas and Dave having several (umbrellas). Anthony always has a one-liner or a wisecrack, and Dave's just funny. Even the stage manager got in on it. It was refreshing to be around people with a real sense of humor, especially after meeting Carlos, who was out with the group Maureen and I met up with for Halloween last night. His idea of a funny story was his first time in a gay bar -- which could be a funny story, really, if the delivery was better. But I'll not pick on him; he was trying, I guess.

Anyway, yeah. Highlight of the day: fun(ny) new acquaintances/friends.

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