Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yesterday, two great things happened. One, I went to court for my second parking ticket. I took the bus and got there on time, with no trouble (also discovered that this particular bus stops at a Wal-mart and at the Baltimore Sun offices. Never know when these places could be useful). Somehow on my court summons it stated that I'd requested an officer be present, even though I did no such thing. So I was praying that it'd be a situation where the officer didn't show and my case would be dismissed. For this reason I was particularly nervous about the whole thing, because I could just imagine him showing up randomly that day.

He didn't. I got a "not guilty" and all fines ($52, which is a lot when you're in college) dismissed.

On a side note, I was really amazed by the number of people who didn't show up for their court date. Especially when their fines would've been dropped if they had. They do all the officer-presence cases first and none of the officers were there.

All in all, I was at the court house for about 20 minutes -- made it home in time to eat before work at 1130.

The second thing, the even better thing, was deciding randomly to call up Nick. I haven't really talked to him much since I moved out here, though I did see him on my trip to MI for Jeff and Cari's wedding back in mid-October. He's one of my best friends, and I've been pestering him occasionally via facebook about the goings-on in his life, though I guess everyone else has too, with the fire and whatnot. He was at the Scottish Inn with some mutual friends when I called him, but we ended up talking for about half an hour anyway, about whatever. Made me miss hanging out with him, but he said to let him know once I have my dates for MI over Christmas, because he wants to make sure he takes some days off of work so we can hang out. I thought that was cool.

I got a brief conversation with Scott somewhere in the middle since he was there too.

We both (Nick and I) agreed that we should talk more often. And if I have to initiate conversation, I'm okay with that. I know how Saginaw people are. :P

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