Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh my, I've been slacking here. I have lots of excuses why-- the biggest perhaps being Jake coming to visit for a few days, during which too many fun things happened to just pick one per day (he bought me dinner Every Night he was here. EVERY NIGHT! I am a lucky girl). I tried out Cheesecake Factory, Dionysus, and Joe Squared, then revisited Mick O'Shea's and Turp's. We bought books, then got books for free at The Book Thing; visited the BMA, spent an afternoon in a local coffee shop, and checked out a couple events Saturday night before deciding to come home and watch The Big Lebowski.

He went home yesterday afternoon, so back to life as usual I guess. I need to buy my ticket to MI for December...

Anyhoo. Today's highlight was a return trip to Debois (I told you so...), where I did a bit of Christmas shopping and got myself a few goodies (and spent less than last time, too). I got a black belt for $1, a couple blazers for $2 each, and another skirt for $3.

Another highlight was my friend Emily's invitation to join her for Thanksgiving. I was supposed to be going to NYC with another friend, but they informed me Monday night that they were leaving Tuesday morning, not Wednesday like we'd originally planned (at least I thought). Jake was still here then, and I had to work (especially since I'm already losing hours for Thursday). So, three days before Thanksgiving, I suddenly had no plans. Plane and train tickets were both outrageously-priced, of course; I considered just taking the train into NYC on Wednesday and meeting up with them, but unless I wanted to leave at 4am, tickets were $98+, one way (4am was still $70).

Most of my other friends are going to their respective states for the break. Another friend, Regina, extended a possible invitation, under the condition that her uncle would allow two more friends to come (she wouldn't know until tonight), and my friend CJ invited me to her place even though they aren't celebrating, exactly. But my friend Emily came through today and said they'd love to have me join them. She's even coming to pick me up beforehand. The day is saved!

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