Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's highlight was the vintage clothing shop at Debois Textiles. I saw an ad in the City Paper for it, and so this morning, instead of being responsible and doing homework and such, Maureen and I went and spent almost three hours (and too much money) shopping for dresses and other such goods. I found a (red) dress for Night of 100 Elvises, and a few other things (like a pair of red and blue Chuck Taylors for $5). Among Maureen's treasures were a new velvety coat, a crinoline skirt, and some scarves.

The back of the building is just an open warehouse, with huge boxes (sorted into groups like skirts, sweaters, women's blouses, men's shirts, and an "ethnic/hippy mix") that you just root through. And it's all super cheap -- most of the boxes were labeled $3-$6. But beyond that were piles and piles (and piles) of clothes that they hadn't even gone through yet. We just wanted to dive into them. Instead, I guess we have to wait until they go through them and put them out on the floor.

We really shouldn't go back anytime soon. But we probably will.

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